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Buy Quality Insurance for Your Home or Condo in Muncie

You deserve to feel safe in your Muncie home no matter what. At Ritchie Insurance Inc., we have the homeowners insurance options that will help you experience that. We understand that unforeseen things happen, and we ensure that with proper coverage, you won’t have to stress over the financials associated with them. Some of the coverage you’ll receive with a home insurance policy includes:
  • Flood – This is an additional rider added to your policy that will cover personal belongings and the home in case of water damage.
  • Liability – This provides financial support to anyone who was injured on your property.
  • Living expenses – If an unforeseen event puts you out of your home while damages are being repaired, this covers those living costs.
  • Medical – If the damage done to your home causes injury to you or a family member, this will cover medical costs.
  • Property – This protects the actual structure and personal belongings in your home in the case of a fire, theft or other damage.​​​

Apartment or House Rental Coverage

Renter’s insurance is very similar to home insurance. Basically, you can receive all of the same protections with the elimination of coverage that protects the structure of the actual house. Personal possessions lost due to theft, fire or another insured event will still be covered. This is important because in most situations, the owner or landlord will not have any insurance protection for your personal belongings. It is up to you to provide that for yourself.

Serving Muncie, Anderson & Surrounding Areas

To learn more about coverage for your condo, apartment or home, whether owned or rented, contact Ritchie Insurance Inc. today. We look forward to helping you with farm insurance, condominium coverage and any other insurance needs you have. Give us a call in Muncie, Mathews, Gaston, Farmland, Alexandria, Anderson or New Castle at 765-282-2872, and let’s get started with an assessment immediately.

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