Discover Your Commercial Insurance Options in Muncie

Ritchie Insurance Inc. is known for providing multiple options for insuring the residents and business owners of Muncie. Our commercial insurance program ensures that every professional has the protection he or she deserves. As a business owner, your business owner’s policy will include broad protection for:
  • Your personal property– This includes coverage for equipment, fixtures, inventory, computers and even media that you put out.
Commercial store front — Commercial Insurance in Muncie, IN
  • Your structure– Our flexible coverage ensures the actual structure in which your business is housed will be protected in case of fire, theft or another circumstance.

Serving Muncie & Surrounding Areas

To learn more about the protection we offer for farm and ranch owners, contact Ritchie Insurance Inc. in Muncie, Farmland, Gaston, Anderson, Alexandria, New Castle or Mathews today. Give us a call at 765-282-2872 and let’s get started with your farm, estate or commercial insurance.

Purchase General Liability & Workers’ Comp Coverage for Your Business

Your business insurance options don’t stop with general coverage. General liability coverage is essential to your business. You may not ever think about getting sued, but unfortunately, it does happen. Errors and omissions, advertising mistakes, negligence and faulty products are some of the most common reasons why, and you’ll need general liability to help you afford the costs.
Something to keep in mind is that having happy employees is a benefit to your business. If someone you employ gets injured or ill while on the job, he or she will expect the company to help foot the medical costs. Workers’ comp policies help those involved focus on recovery with funds available through workplace injury insurance coverage.

Should You Buy Commercial Auto Insurance?

Many employers ask themselves this question, and there is a simple answer: If your company owns even one vehicle, you should purchase commercial auto insurance. This will protect you against damages an employee causes on the road, those by other drivers and repairs that will need to be made.

Serving Muncie, Anderson and Surrounding Areas

To learn more about work-related insurance options, including health insurance in Muncie, Gaston, Farmland, Mathews, Alexandria, New Castle or Anderson, contact Ritchie Insurance Inc. today. Give us a call at 765-282-2872 and let’s get started.