What matters most are the things that money can’t replace, your family and you!

What you can control is how you protect your home and how to secure a future for your family financially if something were to happen to you.  

Let’s secure and protect what we can for you and your family.

Personal Insurance

Protecting Your Family. Protecting Your Home.

Life Insurance
What happens when something happens to you? Is your family able to stay in your home, eat, continue their standard of living? There are a variety of policies, let's find the one that works suits your needs. If you have questions or are interested in a free quote, contact us today.
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If you own your home, you need insurance in case of fire, damage, and theft. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to find a policy to protect your home properly, contact us today for a free quote.
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Personal Property
Do you have valuable jewelry such as a wedding ring, expensive antiques, top of the line electronics? Be sure to let us know so we can talk about personal property insurance.
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If you rent, you need to cover your personal belongings within the home you are renting in case of fire or other destruction. If you do not have renters insurance, you will be financially responsible for replacing your valuables.
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Some of the coverage you’ll receive with a home insurance policy includes:

Liability – This provides financial support to anyone who was injured on your property

Living expenses – If an unforeseen event puts you out of your home while damages are being repaired, this covers those living costs.


Medical – If the damage done to your home causes injury to you or a family member, this will cover medical costs.

Property – This protects the actual structure and personal belongings in your home in the case of a fire, theft or other damage.

Flood – This is a separate policy that will cover personal belongings and the home in case of water damage

Personal Insurance

Covering Your Personal Motorized Vehicles & Watercrafts

Your cars, motorcycles, boats and other recreational motorized vehicles need to have the right coverage.  Don’t let the wrong coverage make you miss out on time on the road or having fun with your family & friends.  

Our team will work directly with you and one of our insurance companies we represent to find you the policy that suits your needs.

Auto Insurance
We cover your vehicles. Contact us for all of your car insurance needs.
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RV Insurance
Campers, RVs and other trailers need proper coverage. Where do you store it during the winter? Do you keep at a campground during the summer? Make sure you have the proper coverage, contact us for a free quote or questions.
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Motorcycle Coverage
If you have a motorcycle, did you know, we work with a variety of insurance companies to find you the right policy to fit your needs and budget? Contact us today with your questions or for a free quote.
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Boat Insurance
If you are someone who hits the river or the lakes on a boat, don't ruin your summer fun if something were to happen and you aren't properly covered. We can ensure all of your water hobbies. Contact us today.
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It’s important to know your coverage options when it comes to covering your vehicles.

Comprehensive – Coverage that protects the owner against damage incurred outside of a collision.

Collision– Coverage protecting the owner against damage that happened as a result of crash

Liability A financial protection for the person at fault during an accident, which pays for the other person. This includes property damage liability and bodily injury liability.

Medical payments – A protection to cover the medical costs that result from a car accident injury.

Rental – If your car is in the shop, this pays all or part of the costs of a rental until you get yours back again.

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist – Protection for you if the person at fault in the accident was not insured or underinsured.